WTF is the Shoe Game? — Klara McMurray – Funky Celebrant

Photo by one of Melbourne’s best wedding photographers – Briars Atlas

When couples have hire me as MC for their reception, part of the process is that I ask if they’re planning any games during the festivities.

One of the most popular games out there is the Shoe Game, and before I became a wedding MC, my first reaction to that statement would have been:

WTF is the Shoe Game?

So let me lay it out for you

The Shoe Game involves both parties of the marrying couple sitting back-to-back in the middle of the dance floor.
Next, they take off their shoes and hand one to the other party, keeping one for themselves.

The MC (that’s me!!!) then asks them a series of pre-planned questions about their relationship.

If they think the answer is party 1, they both hold up party 1’s shoe.
And the same goes for Party 2.
But the real fun takes place when they disagree and one of each shoe is held up high.
Remember, they can’t see each other’s responses, so the crowd gets the full benefit of whatever happens.

here’s an example

MC asks:
‘Who exercises more?’
‘Who buys the best gifts?’
Or for a particularly controversial one:
‘Who’s the better driver?’

Ohhh you can imagine the crowd reaction when they both nominate themselves!

See, simple but effective and generally; a good time is had by all.

That’s it!

There’s no prizes, prejudices or even much physical activity, so it suits all ages and levels of ability.

Care to play?

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