Wedding Officiant Questions

Phuket Wedding Officiant Questions

Wedding Officiant Questions I get frequently Asked Questions when couples are looking for a Marriage Celebrant in Phuket. So i will try an answer including questions on the Celebrant booking process & payment.

I have been a Celebrant in Phuket for a number of years and always find I get asked the same questions about how to find and then the booking procedure for a celebrant in Phuket. I am sure some Celebrants have slightly different ways of working but I hope that these answers help. Later, I was asked to write a small article and my experiences as a Marriage Celebrant in Phuket Thailand and the article can be found at this link. Article

Most wedding planners should able to recommend a suitable Celebrant for you or have a group of celebrants they use regularly and have built up a strong relationship.. Of course, an internet search will give you many additional options. Established Celebrants, like me will have Google Reviews and Videos to help you in your decision. 

Once you have found a celebrant, if recommended to you by your Wedding Planners, the Celebrant in most cases should write to you first. If this not the case a simple email outlining your Wedding Details and date and then you can communicate by email. A good idea is also a quick Skype call to ensure that all is clear and you are a match. Then the final arrangements and a booking can be made.

 In most cases no, as the email confirming booking is suffice, as an agreement. If travel is involved the Celebrant may ask for the Travel expenses up front. A nice way for final payment is to deliver it personally after the Ceremony in a white envelope and maybe some written words from the happy couple?

You may have some ideas already on what you would like to say to each other and your personal vows but the celebrant should be able to send you a few examples of different types of Wedding Ceremonies. Then, you can cherry pick and add from these examples – it can short or long – anything is possible as it is your Ceremony. You all work on this together to a final version for the Wedding Ceremony. Finally, on the day the Celebrant role is to ensure that the ceremony runs smoothly and is relaxed so if you have any special requests just ask. The process normally takes 1-3 iterations before a complete final Ceremony is formed. Then you can add in extra Wedding Rituals like Unity Sand or Hand Fasting to add and make you ceremony and and day more special A Unity Sand Ritual is shown here: – Unity Sand Ritual Video