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Welcome, to Wedding Celebrant Asia. I am Paul Cunliffe, an  experienced Wedding Celebrant and Master of ceremonies based out of Phuket, Thailand. I have been a wedding celebrant and masters of ceremonies (MC) for over 5 years.

My Thai company is called Wedding Celebrant Asia which allows me to live and work in Thailand.

As an established Celebrant in Phuket, I have successfully conducted many wedding ceremonies at locations all over Phuket, Thailand. It has been a privilege to meet many couples from all other the World and I have some wonderful memories of wedding ceremonies at some of the most beautiful wedding venues.

Therefore, I know many of the wedding venues in Phuket so I can help and advise on most aspects of your wedding planning including your wedding ceremony of course. This website and all my social media channels @weddingcelebrantasia & @weddingcelebrantphuket and many stories of the weddings I was asked to officiate over.

Wedding Celebrant Paul Cunliffe

As your Wedding Celebrant, I will guide you through the whole process of creating your own personalized Wedding Ceremony, from its format to the creation together of your personalized vows. After sending you both example example vows to choose and tailor from, we will then together create the perfect ceremony for you, tailored to you both. I will always meet you before your Wedding Day so we get to know each other and as a final check to ensure the Ceremony is exactly as planned.

So please do contact me if you have any questions and be assured that together we can plan that perfect wedding ceremony.

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Villa Wedding Ceremonies

Phuket has some of the best venues for Villa wedding ceremonies. The ceremony and the vows are similar at all venues but the coordination of the overall Wedding Ceremony is more complicated due to the layout and  less space. However, a private luxury villa ensure that you enjoy a totally private and exclusive wedding ceremony.

Phuket Wedding Officiant

Beach Wedding Ceremonies

The beach is a perfect location for an overseas wedding ceremony. There are many stunning locations for that perfect memorable wedding ceremony. The major beaches in Phuket do not allow weddings but the less popular beach do allow and hence ensure a private or very near private wedding ceremony.

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Resort Wedding Ceremonies

Resorts in Phuket provides wedding venues that facilities that are are in combines the advantages of the beach and villa wedding. Invariably, with more facilities for the wedding are available at the expense of a less than totally private wedding achieved on a remote Phuket Beach or Private Villa.

Wedding Celebrant News and wedding ceremonies from around the World on my Celebrant blog.

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Legal Weddings in Thailand

Legal Wedding in Phuket Getting Married in Phuket: More and more couples are asking about a Legal Wedding in Thailand in addition to the Ceremonial Ceremony. This is possible but it does involve a visit to your country’s embassy in Bangkok at least 10 days before your Phuket Wedding. The whole Legal Wedding Process is outlined on my Getting Married in Thailand page.

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Celebrant Frequently Asked Questions

I have outlined the simple process in finding and booking me. The process is similar with all Celebrants I know and also answers most of the questions we get asked. Information regarding my deposit and payments on are also shown on Frequently Asked Questions page.


Wedding Celebrant Booking

Creating the ideal Wedding Ceremony for an overseas wedding may seem daunting. After a simple email to book me  or via the Quick Link above to block my schedule  is all this is required. The process then is straight forward, and I start by sending you some starter example wedding ceremony scripts, and then we plan from there.  If we are unable to meet soon or your have questions I do recommend a quick Skype call (@pccunny).

Wedding Ceremony Video

A wedding ceremony video is the perfect keepsake to remember your special day. Here is selection of my wedding ceremony videos from my Celebrant YouTube channel to give you a better understanding of how your wedding ceremony will proceed. 

Getting Married in Phuket

If you are planning to get married in Phuket please look through my website. After reading my celebrant website, I am sure you will have further questions? So please do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your wedding ceremony options

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Phuket Celebrant – Paul Cunliffe

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After booking me as your celebrant the next priority is to start to draft your wedding ceremony vows and wedding ceremony script.  There are many options but here are just a few suggestions on how to plan your wedding ceremony:

  • You create a brand new wedding ceremony and unique wedding vows for yourself.
  • From the examples I send you of a “typical” wedding ceremony script, you select the best parts from each and create your own wedding ceremony from these. You can use the standard wedding vows or create your own vows.
  • Use one of the example Ceremony scripts in full and then I return the wedding ceremony to you tailored, with your names and other small details.

This process to draft your wedding ceremony script does not take long and it can be completed within a few emails

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Wedding Planner & Wedding Officiant

In addition to Wedding Celebrant Asia, I am also a Wedding Planner with Unique Phuket Wedding Planners - so I can advise on most aspects of your wedding plans in Phuket. Supparin arranges all the Wedding Flowers, location choice, and set up plus can organize tours for you & all your guests. Paul is an experienced Celebrant and supports Supparin in all your wedding day arrangements. Therefore, we can plan all aspects of your Special Day in-house thus ensuring a wonderful & Unique Wedding Day. This means we can also manage our costs extremely well so you will have a great event at a great price, without compromising on the quality in any way.

Wedding Flowers Phuket

Wedding Flowers Phuket

My partner Supparin who runs Unique Phuket Wedding Planners is also a Wedding Designer and Florist in her own right. She has extensive knowledge of Phuket and a very experienced wedding designer. Please contact her at Supparin, also known by her nickname Toom is an exceptional Wedding Florist. All her flowers are designed and made for each event to the client’s request. Unless only doing simple bouquets, we need several sets of hands to put the flowers together. Set up a time (probably the day before the wedding) to do the arranging. We have pictures on hand of what the final product is supposed to look like and set up a sample or two to copy. Once all the flower setup is complete, we always carry out a quality control process to make sure they look the way they’re supposed to. For more information on Wedding Flowers in Phuket – please visit our website: Wedding Flowers Phuket.

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