Weddings Post COVID-19 – Roxy Hotten – Celebrant

Will Things Ever Go Back to Normal?

The COVID-19 dust is starting to settle somewhat in Australia. As a result, couples are starting to feel a sense of confidence in planning their wedding again. Many couples are rethinking plans, and as a result, the wedding world looks a little bit different going forward.

How did COVID-19 affect the wedding industry?

What happened with COVID-19 has negatively affected may industries in Australia, and the wedding world was no exception. Venues, caterers, florists, photographers, videographers, make-up artists, celebrants and so many more were all of sudden without an income. This, coupled with many brides and grooms contacting them looking for advice, options, refunds, and asking questions that we were struggling to find an answer to, made it a very tough time.

There will be suppliers who won’t recover. The financial – and in some cases the mental – strain has proven too much for some. It’s truly sad, and equally upsetting for couples who have lost deposits or a dream supplier.

How did it affect me?

As a celebrant, I was lucky. Even during the tightest restrictions, I could still marry couples who were happy to have their ceremony with five people.

All my couples were amazing. I found they were kind and understanding that this situation was tricky, and together we came up with a solution.

I did lose some bookings. Some couples had to reschedule on a date that I wasn’t free. Others are based overseas so decided to cancel their dream of an Australian wedding. My heart really does go out to these couples.

I’ve managed to reschedule almost everyone (about 40 weddings) to the second half of 2020, or a date in 2021. The knock-on effect is that I have less available dates for new bookings, and therefore the impact of COVID-19 will be felt for up to 18 months.

The positive

There is a silver lining of the above-mentioned dark cloud. This crazy time has reaffirmed how much I love my job. Although I don’t think I really needed to remind myself how lucky I am, I certainly got the opportunity to appreciate how important my career is to me, and just how passionate I am about it.

The other positive is the change in the way couples are now planning for their wedding.

Having had the option of a wedding with family and friends in attendance taken away from them during COVID-19 has made couples now truly appreciate that moving forward they can share this day with others. It’s made planning easier for some. They are now looking past some of the details that were ‘nice to have’ and concentrating only on the ‘must haves’.

It’s made many couples plan the wedding they want, not the wedding that they thought they should have. It’s given couples and their family and friends something to look forward; an opportunity to celebrate their marriage, and to celebrate being with loved ones again.

How couples should plan their wedding going forward

Postponed couples

New Couples

Always feel free to contact me with any questions you have, whether you’re an existing couple of mine, or a new couple. I’m always happy to help.

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