Mark Gregory | Family & Funeral Celebrant

To be a really good celebrant you need to be three things: a good listener, a good writer, and a good performer.

Although my mum may have disagreed with me when she was alive, I’ve been really developing my listening skills recently. For three years I worked in Germany as a TEFL teacher, which requires a very keen ear for mistakes (and endless patience!) Since mid-2019, I have also been volunteering with an American-based charity on their peer support helpline, which requires attentive listening to identify and solve problems.

Perhaps you’re already able to tell whether or not I’m a good writer! I have always had a passion for writing. I self-published my first novel on Amazon in 2011, and I wrote for several student publications at university. More recently, I have been working freelance as a copywriter and editor for various online publications, as well as editing and creating pages on Wikipedia. I’m a bit of nerd really.

I am very much used to public speaking and performance, having worked for three years as a professional entertainer. Not only can I offer you an assured, professional delivery of the ceremony that we have lovingly handcrafted together, but for weddings, I can also bring the after-party to life with my live singing, while I also have an intimate collection of songs to suit whatever mood you’re striving for at funerals.

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