I have honestly never laughed so much during a wedding ceremony

Laughter is the key to any good relationship, we all know this, yet in my years as a humanist celebrant I have never laughed so hard whilst delivering a ceremony as I did during Alison and Adam’s big day. These guys, and their hilarious, heckling guests, had me in absolute stitches and if I could marry them every week from now until eternity I would .

Alas, it was just a once-in-a-lifetime event, but as you can see from the pictures everybody was beaming from start to finish, including me! I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful atmosphere, or a welcoming and receptive vibe. It’s the reason I do what I do.

I always tell my couples in our very first meeting that there are no rules to a humanist wedding. Every detail from the music you walk in to or the stories / poems / anecdotes you choose as your readings express your unique perspective on the world. A humanist wedding gives you the opportunity to shine a light on the very best of aspects of your relationship whilst celebrating a huge life moment that will stay in your mind forever. Adam and Alison didn’t waste a single opportunity to do this and the results were nothing short of spectacular.

Bride Alison admitted that she was initially dreading the idea of a wedding, having been scarred too many times by over-formal and, to put it bluntly, achingly boring wedding ceremonies in the past. She really didn’t want her own wedding to go the same way. As a non-religious couple Adam and Alison wanted to officiate their love in a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere where their 2yr old daughter could be present, and the last thing they wanted to feel was the pomp and pressure that can come with more formal arrangements.

Hiring the whole of Hargate Hall in Buxton, a gorgeous and secluded 19th century country mansion, and covering it technicolour festival flags and beautiful blooms, they struck the perfect balance between merriment and mayhem. I made sure this cheeky but sincere mood was in place from the offset with the style and delivery of the ceremony. From the moment Alison walked down the winding mahogany staircase to Dreadzone’s ‘Little Britian’ everyone had a smile on their face, none more so than the Groom, who peacocked his way through proceedings in what can only be described as a ‘floral cornucopia’ of a wedding suit that hands-down stole the show.

As the wife of a husband who outdid me fashion-wise at the last minute on my own wedding day (he hired period costume from the Royal Exchange theatre!!) I can confidently say that Alison was most likely never more in love with her chosen one than in that moment. There really is nothing more attractive than someone who isn’t afraid to do things their own way, it makes the world a more beautiful and interesting place. I didn’t stay for the reception, where I missed Alison in her gorgeous ‘disco-ball’ sequin dress, but I know that Adam will have been equally bedazzled and proud. Just look at how in love these two beauties are – and hat’s off to the best photo bomber of the year!

This whole wedding was an absolute masterclass in doing things your own way and I’m so so proud I was asked to be part of it.

Alison and Adam, it was an honour to be your celebrant and help you mark the beginning of your married life. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this gloriously raucous celebration of love.

Photos taken by the fabulous Katie Dervin

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