Good News Thursday: Newlyweds rescued from elevator after wedding ceremony, Sea turtle returns to the ocean after 6-week rehabilitation, Polish mother successfully gives birth to quintuplets

Newlyweds rescued from elevator after wedding ceremony

Firefighters rescue newlyweds in North Carolina after they became stuck in an elevator on their way to the after-party (WSOC/CNN Newsource)

A newlywed couple from North Carolina was rescued by firefighters over the weekend after they became stuck in an elevator with the wedding party. Panav and Victoria Jha were in the Grand Bohemian Hotel on their way to their reception on the sixteenth floor when the elevator came to a halt. 

“We’ve got up maybe five feet and then boom, doors kind of stuck,” Panav Jha said. “The door started to open and so I could see like the concrete wall right in front of me, and I could see the concrete wall behind me.”

Luckily, the Charlotte Fire Department came to the rescue. “Basically what we did as a last resort is we rebuilt a new elevator system using ropes and rescue equipment and overhead anchors,” a firefighter said. The couple and their guests were safe and sound just a couple of hours later. 

Sea turtle returns to the ocean after 6-week rehab

Rocky, a loggerhead sea turtle, was released into the Atlantic Ocean last week after a six week rehab in the Loggerhead Marinelife Center. (AP Photo/Cody Jackson)

A sea turtle returned to the ocean last week after spending six weeks in rehab at Florida’s Loggerhead Marine Life Center. Rocky is a 220-pound female loggerhead sea turtle.

After Rocky was found wounded off North Hutchinson Island last month with a lung tear due to a boat strike, the center took her in for rehab until she was healthy enough to return to her natural habitat. Hundreds of staff and volunteers gathered to cheer her on as she made her way down the sand and back into the water.

“So, every one of these animals that goes back is critical to the survival of the sea turtle populations, especially a large breeding female like Rocky,” Andy Dehart, the center’s president, said. “Seeing that return to nature is truly something magical.”

Polish mother gives birth to quintuplets

Dominika Clarke, a Polish mother of seven children, successfully gave birth to quintuplets last week at 28 weeks. (Karolina Fok)

Dominika Clarke, 37, is now the mother of seven after successfully gave birth to quintuplets last week at the University Hospital in Krakow, Poland. The five infants, two boys and three girls, all weighed between 25 and 49 ounces. 

Doctors said they are all stable and healthy, given their premature birth at 28 weeks. Clarke and her husband’s other children range between the ages of 10 months and 12 years.

“If you have a system, a calm approach and a positive attitude, then it is possible to have a really cool life with such a large bunch of children,” Clarke said. Clarke is healthy and happy as well, feeling “much better than expected.” 

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