Doing things differently | Angela Finn | Marriage Celebrant Sydney

Eight years ago, when I became a marriage celebrant, I had no idea what 2020 would be like.

The Coronavirus, the Black Lives Matter movement, climate change, plus the Me Too movement have opened my eyes to how much inequality and stress there is in the world I live in.

Much of it is needless and counterproductive. Unfair too. Perpetuated by the dominant culture as the ‘right or only way’ to do things.

Weddings fall into this dominant culture.

Marriage ceremonies – by and large – follow a relatively typical structure and format that fits nicely into what a wedding should look like.

Societal expectations, as well as ‘traditions’ and etiquette perpetuated by consumerism – affect the design.

Well, it’s time to challenge the status quo, break out of the confines of what a wedding day should look like, and instead create something different.

Doing things differently is an attitude of possibility. It encourages curiosity, learning, creativity, empathy, diversity, generousity, and confidence.

I’m offering a ‘different way to get married’ for couples who want to deviate from typical wedding traditions and infuse equality and creativity into their marriage ceremony.

It’s called an ‘alt marriage ceremony’

It might stand for an alternative approach to getting married. But what it truly stands for is taking responsibility for the decisions you make.

It’s questioning why, sitting with discomfort, embracing change.

It’s standing up for equality, diversity, and making a difference.

If you want a ceremony that reflects what matters most to you and takes your relationship to a whole new level, contact me to kick it up a notch.

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