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When it comes to flowers, the more the merrier! These lovely gifts of nature, in their amazing variety, add jubilance to every occasion and can make any day special. 

There’s absolutely no reason not to add them to your wedding decor! Contact the best flower decorators at your disposal now and have a look at some of the most gorgeous ways florals can be incorporated into marriage decoration to make your venue bloom. 

Floral Sculptures

Rapidly growing in demand and popularity, these unique masterpieces exhibit the artisans’ creativity and skill. Commonly shaped like birds, they are usually placed at the entrance but can very much be used for mandap decor or as the focal point of decoration for an indoor venue.

Floating Florals

Simply scattering flower petals around is perhaps the easiest way to create an elegant, romantic ambiance. Even if your wedding venue does not have a pool or a pond, you can just place water-filled vessels around and make similar arrangements. The flowers can be paired with floating lanterns and candles.

Rings made entirely of flowers look truly ethereal and can be seen most commonly as either part of the backdrop decoration or erected overhead the mandap stage. The ones intertwining florals with branches give a more boho feel and look beautiful in open venues to be used as photo booth decor.

Floral Walls

Pretty popular, floral walls make for absolutely stunning backdrops. From a classic red and white rose flower theme to a vibrant multicolored one, each of them has a distinct vibe and plays a key role in the decor. You can also opt for budget-friendly faux flower walls. These can also help create stunning textures based on the kind of blooms used- soft, feathery ones in monochrome being a massive hit as they come out gorgeous under pale lighting.

Suspended Floral runners

Table runners have enjoyed much demand for years. But how about suspended overhead runners for banquets and dining tables? The plethora of flowers, along with crystal embellishments, lanterns, etc. provide for a spellbinding view while the attendees enjoy the feast.

‘Step up’ your flower decor game

Don’t leave the staircases unadorned, especially if they are a part of the entrance or a prominent structure in the venue with their size and make. Lush, buoyant blooms and floral arches at either or both ends work well both indoors and outdoors. Soft pastel shades are usually preferred when coordinating with the interior of a hall venue.

Here are some more inspirations on dressing up the stairs with decadent blooms. You may consider this elegant layout of flower pots and candles or go traditional with marigold decoration. Lining each step with rows of flowers and shrouding the banisters in voluminous blossoms are other options to try.

Floral Monograms

Having trouble conveying your emotions? Spell it out with flowers! If you can’t have a flowery speech ready for the special day, why not try these giant flowery letters (literally) instead? You can arrange them into the couple’s initials, some quirky caption, etc. 

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