Month: March 2021

– Celebrant Sally | Otago New Zealand

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All You Need To Know When Planning a Baby Naming Ceremony Are you wanting to celebrate the birth of a child? Do you have an adopted child or children that you wish to recognise in a formal celebration? You don’t belong to any religious organisation and not sure how to go about having a ceremony. Read …

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Wedding Officiant – Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies

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A wedding officiant is one who officiates or leads a wedding ceremony. People of cultures have their own particular wedding officiants like clerics for Catholics, pujaris for Hindus, imams for Muslims, etc. All kinds of interfaith or intercultural weddings are cherished by the wedding officiants OKC. Some feel guilt about their relationship being imperfect in …

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Kathy Yuen and Shing Mak Hold Wedding Ceremony |

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After  (湯怡) announced her pregnancy and engagement to dance choreographer Shing Mak (麥秋成) last month, the couple held an intimate wedding ceremony on February 26. The exuberant bride said she is grateful for Shing coming into her life and felt like she is living in a dream, while he professed his forever love to Kathy.  Speaking of …

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Shaun Davies | Funeral Celebrant

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Funeral Celebrant in Staffordshire, Cheshire & Lancashire My name is Shaun Davies. I was born in Stoke on Trent and have stayed local, now living in Newcastle-under-Lyme. My wife, Jayne, and I married in 1992, and since then we have spent a lot of the time working hard, but also travelling around the Globe visiting …

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Selecting Your Wedding Officiant

Selecting Your Wedding Officiant The “WHY” of your wedding day. The day is all about celebrating your love for each other and making a lifelong commitment to your partner and your life together. The dress, flowers, cake, meal, décor, photography, entertainment, and money spent are all materialistic secondary items of the event which is exchanging …

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