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If there’s one thing 2020 has taught me it’s that I bloody love wedding ceremonies. They may not have the fun and mayhem of a reception, or the holy moly moments of bridal prep… but what they lack in drama they make up for in ‘awww’

Wedding Ceremonies – Covid Style

So we all know the drill by now, there’s an actual global pandemic and we’re all having to do our bit to get through. I get asked quite a lot if people are still getting married, yes and no I guess. The wedding industry has pretty much been ground to a halt, but there are a few awesome couples who can’t wait to smash a ring on it.


On paper ceremonies should be a pretty boring ordeal for a photographer… stand there, don’t move, don’t draw attention to yourself, turn your phone off (I’ve only forgot once and bloody hell does a simple ‘ding’ last 45 seconds when the room is silent) and get photos of a room full of people who look so deeply invested (those at the front) and thirsty for a glass of something strong (those at the back).

Truth is, ceremonies are never boring for me. Maybe it’s the adrenaline still running for making sure I get to the right place at the right time and still not miss any pre-ceremony moments. I also think it’s probably the faces of the bride and groom, I can never tell how they’re going to project their emotions. 

This year it’s like playing photography on god level. Registrar’s are feisty little things at the best of times, give them a highly stressful list of guidelines and we’ve got ourselves a wild ride! ‘Wear a mask, do not move, don’t look at me, don’t breathe, try not to sing, most certainly don’t whip out a trumpet and give it a blast and whatever you do DO NOT even think about coughing!’ Now, being the highly rebellious sort that I am I can’t help but want to cough out some John Legend through a trumpet mid-ceremony… but alas, I stand there like a good little photographer getting lot’s of photos.

Anyway, I’ve started rambling, which means it’s a good time for the photos!

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