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What is a Renewal of Vows ceremony?

You may be celebrating 10, 20 or 50 years as a couple or simply been married just a short time but changes in your life have meant you’d like to say ‘I do’ once more.  A Renewal of Vows is the perfect occasion for this. A time to reflect, celebrate and look forward to your future together as partners for life or husband and…
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What will the Renewal of Vows ceremony include?

With a Celebrant led Renewal of Vows Ceremony, your ceremony will be completely personalised. It can include special memories, the reasons why you are renewing your vows and old and new commitments to each other.You can renew the vows you originally took, your commitments and exchange rings again if you wish. Or you can cho…
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Where can we have our Renewal of Vows ceremony?

You have complete freedom to choose your venue. Many Renewal of Vows ceremonies are held in hotels, village halls, barns or even at home. Some couples choose to treat a Renewal of Vows ceremony as a repeat of their wedding day and others choose to have something completely different. The choice of setting is entirely yours …
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Do we exchange rings and vows again during the ceremony?

Many couples decide to re-exchange the same rings but some couples choose to add new ones. Sometimes couples like to buy each other a new piece of jewellery, or just the renewing of promises is enough. It’s entirely your choice and what you feel most comfortable with; what best suits your style as a couple.As well as the co…
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Can we involve our children in the service?

Including families into the Renewal of Vows Ceremony is a lovely way to celebrate your love as a family, and respect their place in your marriage. You can involve them with symbolic additions such as lighting candles together, planting a tree or  taking part in a Sand Ceremony to mention a few.  There are so many options to…
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Will we meet our Celebrant before the service?

Many Celebrants will offer home consultations so you get to meet them before the ceremony. You could choose to have contact with your Celebrant online such as through Skype, WhatsApp or other video call software also, but if its possible, we would recommend meeting the Celebrant in person.    
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