Nancy Lund | Family & Funeral Celebrant

Why Hummingbird Celebrant?

The hummingbird is a unique little creature with amazing abilities to fly backwards and forwards – to dart at speed in all directions – to hover in absolute stillness whilst its little wings beat so fast as to be barely perceptible. In truth, the motion of their wings are making the shape of the infinity symbol at 80 beats per second!
Hummingbirds are seen to be bringers of love and joy with an ability to remain adaptable. They seek out the good in life with tenacity and endurance, while at the heart of everything the symbolism of the infinity figure represents harmony and balance along with eternity and continuity.

The amazing abilities of this little bird are symbolically present in all the services offered to you in your ceremony!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to contact me to discuss your ceremony in more detail.

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