DIY Weddings – To Do or Not To Do – Roxy Hotten – Celebrant

Hooray! You’re engaged! Wedding planning is going to be fun, right?

One of the things you may be thinking about is a DIY wedding. Maybe you’ve had a little look around at weddings venues and you’ve gone ‘Argh! So expensive’. Or maybe you’re a creative person who would love the opportunity to manage a project that has so many exciting elements to it. So, like many others before you, you’re wondering if a DIY wedding is for you. What are the pros and cons, and how much money can you save as a result?

Firstly – what is a DIY wedding?

A DIY wedding can be anything from a ceremony and reception in your backyard with yourself, family or friends doing all the preparations, catering, styling, etc, through to a wedding at a venue where they provide some elements but you have to arrange the rest.

Some of my favourite DIY wedding venues around South East Qld and Northern NSW are Samsonvale Hall, Ewingsdale Hall or Riverwood Weddings. There are lots of venues around that offer a semi-DIY option, for example, they can provide tables and chairs, but you can choose your caterer, stylist etc.

Most of these venues will have a list of suppliers you can choose from, or you can do your own research to come up with your dream team.

Yeah! I’m up for the challenge!

Good on you! However, I’m going to be the party-pooper here and say before you dive right in, you might want to consider the following.



In a nutshell…

DIY weddings can be great fun to plan, and amazing to attend. However, be realistic about the time you can invest in to planning your wedding and your ability to do so. Plus, will you really enjoy the process? If you want to though – go for it! However if there’s one important piece of advice I can give you, it’s get an on-the-day coordinator such as Til Death Events, The Other Bridesmaid or Olive Rose Weddings. They are worth their weight in gold, and will be the difference between a stressful and non-stressful wedding day.

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