COVID CONFUSION – Roxy Hotten – Celebrant

Making sense of weddings in QLD

Couples who are marrying in Queensland on beaches, parks, backyards, were sent into a spiral of confusion on Saturday 22nd August 2020 when the Premier announced the latest COVID Movement and Gathering Direction No. 3.

Initially, I was confused too. What did this mean for so many of my couples who had chosen not to marry in a venue because of restrictions, and believed that holding their wedding at home or in a public space would afford them more flexibility?

The confusion was not helped by the Question and Answer section not being updated until some time after the announcement. By the way… this is in no way a criticism of the QLD Government Departments involved. I’m sure this has been a nightmare for them trying to pull together these types of directions and getting the message across. There’s just a lot of moving parts and this leads to uncertainty and frustrations.

What does this all mean in plain English?

Okay… here goes.

The best way to understand it is to take this from the Question and Answers page at 100% face value:

Wedding ceremonies conducted in a professional venue such as a reception or function centre can have a maximum of 100 people regardless of the size of the venue. These facilities must have an approved Covid Safe plan.

It is important if you are unwell, that you do not go to a wedding.

A record of names and contact details of each guest must be kept for 56 days to assist in contact tracing if required.

Private wedding services performed in public areas and spaces in the restricted Local Government Areas can have a maximum of 10 people attend including the bride, groom and marriage celebrant.

Private wedding services performed in public areas and spaces not within restricted Local Government Areas can have a maximum of 30 people attend including the bride, groom, wedding party and marriage celebrant.

Can a celebrant or an event planner have a COVID Safe Plan and therefore I can have more than 10 or 30 people in a public area?

According to above, no. It mentions the venue having an approved COVID Safe Plan, and that is it.

However I know some event/wedding planners are saying they have a COVID Safe Plan and if you employ them, you can go ahead. I have been told different from QLD COVID Hotline, so at the moment, I’m not entirely clear.

So… I’m marrying in a park in Brisbane next week and have 20 guests. What CAN I do?

You have three options:

Arrrrgh – I’m struggling with it all

Yep… I get it! Please take time to look after yourself. Wedding planning can be stressful, and changes make it even more so. I’ll continue to update whenever I hear anything official.

I’m always happy to chat to you about your ceremony and ways we can work to still make it happen.

Stay safe, look after each yourselves and each other.

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