An Intimate Wedding Ceremony at Glewstone Court

The most beautiful intimate wedding ceremony at Glewstone Court in Herefordshire – Liam and Jessica decided to absolutely still get married to each other this year, on their exact original wedding date! The necessary restrictions put in place for weddings by the Government this year did not take away the true meaning of a wedding for them, as a couple. I asked them to share with us how they came to this decision and how they are feeling about it now nearly one month after the occasion.

Jessica says: “We originally decided when we got engaged that we would like to have a small wedding anyway, but that we didn’t want any fuss or stress. We made all decisions by picking 3 options for everything we needed and then choosing one together – we wanted just friends and family so we chose to have 40 guests.”

“When lock-down originally started, we were both front line workers and so really aware of what was going on, but optimist. When the news of weddings being stopped started, we talked about it on a dog walk with Toby and both agreed that whatever happened we would still get married even if it was just the two of us, either on the date we originally had or if that wasn’t possible as soon as we were allowed again. The wedding for us was never a big thing. What was important to us however was the marriage and we knew whatever happened we wanted to be able to say we were married. For myself, as I am working in palliative care, I’m very aware of both Liam’s and my own mortality. Alongside being in a pandemic it felt important to us that we be in this world legally united, and legally building our own family. When we realised that we weren’t going to be able to have the wedding we originally wanted we knew what we wanted to do and asked Glewstone if they would have us still, just with our wedding ceremony, whilst we postponed everything else to November.”

“Planning a wedding is stressful anyway, but planning one in lock-down felt impossible, and so we decided that when we would get married we would have as little people as possible to take the pressure off, so we chose just to have our parents and our closest pair of friends as witnesses, and for everyone else to come in November instead.”

“We’re so glad we got legally married the way we did, and it meant the day felt intimate, special and became our own private moment. It also feels now that it’s taken the pressure off November and that we can enjoy just celebrating our nuptials with everyone now.”

I congratulate Jess and Liam on their decision to go ahead with their wedding!

From the photography point of view, I can honestly say that it was a wonderful experience. Here are some of the benefits I noticed:

  • The truly important moments of a wedding – that you’ll want to still have photos of 30 years from now – are happening anyway, however small the wedding is: your ceremony, your first kiss and exchanging rings, mingling and congratulations time with your nearest and dearest, some family photos and some bride and groom photos as you’re newly married!
  • Having less guests present meant that the couple could spend more time not only with each other and take it all in, but also with their immediate family. There was no pressure or rush to do anything or to “be somewhere” on a strict timeline.

Liam and Jess’ wedding ceremony has been a little bit magical for me, it never felt small or with less meaning. In the contrary.

Jess and Liam’s wedding ceremony day was a delight to attend and photograph. I left Glewstone Court with a big smile on my face and a sense of great purpose. I really see the value in smaller intimate weddings and I am looking forward to many more from now on.

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