22+ Best Wedding Script & Calligraphy Fonts 2020

Designing an amazing wedding invitation that captures your special day requires a lot of creative planning and careful steps. Finding the right wedding font for all your wedding stationery designs is one of the most important steps in that process.

The font you use to design the RSVP cards, wedding invites, table cards, and various other wedding stationery needs to be carefully selected to match the theme of your wedding.

Whether you’re planning a wedding with a vintage theme, modern theme, or even a minimalist theme, there are specific fonts you can use to reflect your theme across all your wedding stationery as well.

To help you make the right pick, we gathered a collection of the best wedding script and calligraphy fonts with different styles of designs. You’ll find a font to match all aspects of your wedding and themes on this list. Take a look.

Kathiya – Modern Wedding Calligraphy Font

Most designers now prefer fonts with vintage and retro designs for crafting wedding stationery. Kathiya is a font that uses design elements from both vintage and modern worlds. It features a creative script lettering design with beautiful swashes and alternate characters.

Baliland – Elegant Wedding Calligraphy Font

The elegant design of this modern calligraphy font makes it one of the best fonts on our list. It features a beautifully flowing lettering design that will make your wedding invitations look much more stylish and professional. The font also includes many unique OpenType features you can experiment with.

Halymoon – Stylish Wedding Script Font

Signature-style script fonts are a great choice for designing wedding stationery. This font is proof of that. Halymoon font comes with a handcrafted design that exudes elegance. The font also features glyphs, ligatures, and WebFont versions as well.

Pretty Rose – Signature Script Wedding Font

If you’re looking for a font to create something unordinary and bold, this font is the perfect font for you. It features a signature script design in brush style lettering. The font will allow you to give a natural hand-made look to your wedding invitations and RSVP cards.

Baby Elysa – Wedding Calligraphy Script Font

Another vintage-themed wedding font you can use to design all wedding stationery with a nostalgic look and feel. The beautiful yet clear script lettering design makes it a great choice for designing RSVP cards, save the date cards, invitations, and all other wedding designs.

Rallisha – Free Wedding Script Font

Rallisha is a free script font that features a beautiful design. It has a tall and narrow lettering design that makes it a great choice for crafting all types of wedding cards. You can use it for free with your personal projects.

Brilganttyne – Free Wedding Calligraphy Font

This stylish calligraphy font is also free to use with your personal projects. It comes with a set of modern letters and creative ligatures that feature small heart-shaped curves.

Nicholia – Modern Wedding Calligraphy Font

For those of you who prefer a modern approach to wedding invitation design, Nicholia is the perfect font to add a trendy look to all your wedding card designs. The font comes with a beautiful calligraphy lettering design with multilingual support.

Natural Garden YH – Wedding Script Font

The flowing design of the letters of this font makes it look more creative and unique. And it’s the ideal choice for crafting titles and headings for your wedding invitations and save the date cards.

Octhovia – Wedding Calligraphy Font Duo

Finding the right secondary font to match your main font can be difficult. But, with this font pair, you won’t have to worry about searching the web for a secondary font. Octhovia is a font duo that includes a stylish calligraphy font and a matching sans serif font. It’s perfect for designing casual-themed wedding cards.

Roschetta – Wedding Calligraphy Signature Font

Roschetta is the kind of font you should use to add a hand-crafted look and feel to your wedding card designs. This font has a beautifully natural flowing lettering design that will surely attract the attention of your recipients.

Wellthington – Classic Wedding Calligraphy Font

If you want to add a classic and old-school look to your wedding invitations, this wedding calligraphy font is the best choice of font for you. It features an elegant lettering design featuring both modern and vintage calligraphy elements.

Hello Daisy – Free Wedding Script Font

Hello Daisy is a great font for designing not just wedding cards but also other romantic greeting cards as well. It’s free to use with your personal projects.

Juliette Garden – Free Modern Calligraphy Font

A modern font featuring elements of vintage designs. This free font includes a set of elegant characters for crafting wedding invites and RSVP cards. It has multilingual support as well.

Amelia – Monoline Script Wedding Font

This beautiful, modern, and stylish monoline font may not look like the ordinary wedding font, but it’s a great choice for creating a unique wedding invitation that stands out from the crowd. The font comes with more than 50 stylistic characters and multilingual support.

Jahannam Balla – Handwritten Script Wedding Font

If you’re looking for a wedding font with a modern design, try using this handwritten script font. It comes with a very clear lettering design that will make your save the date and RSVP cards easier to read. The font includes lots of stylistic alternates and more than 180 glyphs as well.

Batta Quath – Beautiful Wedding Calligraphy Font

This is the perfect example of a classic wedding calligraphy font. It features that same design that you see on old wedding invitations and video album titles. Of course, this is a font made just for wedding-themed designs. And it comes with over 200 glyphs and stylistic sets.

Rossabela Script – Creative Wedding Script Font

At first glance, you can see how amazing this font would look like when used with golden foil printing. It will definitely add a unique and romantic touch to your wedding card designs. The font features many amazing swashes and alternate characters as well.

Lavineta Eisley YH – Modern Wedding Script Font

Lavineta is a vintage script font you can use to design an elegant wedding invitation or RSVP card. It comes with a luxury-themed lettering design that also includes support for multilingual characters. It’s also ideal for modern wedding invitation designs.

Bellanche – Free Calligraphy Wedding Font

This free font comes with a very modern and creative lettering design. It features a hand-drawn lettering style along with many stylistic alternates. It’s free to use with personal and commercial projects.

Hasella – Free Handlettering Script Font

Hasella is a modern script font with a hand lettering design. While it’s a great choice for designing wedding cards, you can use it to craft many other types of designs like business cards and greeting cards as well. It’s free to use with commercial projects.

Still Wonder – Wedding Script Font

Just like the beautiful music of Stevie Wonder, this font also features a very attractive lettering design with creative curves and swashes. It actually includes 350 glyphs along with lots of stylistic characters, contextual alternates, ligatures, and much more for designing an amazing wedding card.

Aniyah – Calligraphy Script Wedding Font

Aniyah is a vintage script font that’s most suitable for designing wedding invitations and save the date cards. The font comes in two versions featuring italic and regular styles. It also includes many ligatures, swashes, and alternates as well.

Sophia – Handmade Wedding Script Font

This font comes with mixed elements of handwritten script and calligraphy designs. And it’s most suitable for designing the titles for wedding invitations. The font includes more than 300 glyphs and over 100 alternates.

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